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An Open Letter To John Kerry



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May 18, 2014

John F. Kerry

United States Secretary of State

2201 C Street N W

Washington DC 20520


Mister Secretary of State:


I am writing this, in the name of New England Human Rights Organization, committed to the Defense of human rights, based in Boston, Massachusetts, to express my strong disapproval and rejection of your considerations relative to your perception of progress realized in the area of Justice and the rule of law in Haiti.

Actually, whoever is feeding you information and providing you reports on Haiti is simply misleading you and may do so either because he is insincere or because he is trying to protect a peer in the Haitian government. Haiti is a country where the life of a citizen has not value and where the chiefs of state take pleasure in ignoring the most elementary rights of the Haitian people.

Mister Secretary of State,

You claim that the Haitian Justice System is functioning freely and that the elections will be organized at the end of the year 2014. It has been three years since Mr. Martelly became president of Haiti and he is yet to organize an election. For your information, the Haitian Justice System is under complete control of the chief of State, Mr. Joseph Michel Martelly who identifies himself with the State and whose philosophy is the following: if you are not with me, you are against me, and therefore you have no rights. For instance, allow me to draw your attention on the case of a counselor to the president of the Republic of Haiti, Mr. Calixte Valentin. This man cold-bloodedly killed a Haitian citizen on April 12, 2012. To shield him from justice, the Haitian president named an examining magistrate with no experience to preside over the case in order to exonerate him. For two years, Mr. Valentin has been freely going about his business in the country. Can someone talk about “Independence of the Haitian Justice?

Another case that you may have to think about before you put your seal of approval for such a deeply corrupt government. I am referring to a relative of the Haitian President, Evinx Daniel, who was arrested for drug trafficking in the southern region of the country by the government commissioner of Cayes.  In less than 24 hours, Mr. Daniel was liberated while the government commissioner was dismissed from his duties. He finally went into exile to Canada because he feared for his life. 

To show his solidarity with his friend and pal, Evinx Daniel, the Haitian President is reported to have paid a visit to him and spent three days in his company.  Mr. Secretary of State, what justice are you talking about?

Last month, an examining magistrate ordered the arrest of a kidnapper’s wife, friend of the President of the Republic. Late in the evening, without the authorization of the examining magistrate, she was released. What Justice are you talking about, Mr. Secretary of State?

Similarly, two young Haitian professionals, Enol and Josué Florestal are rotting in the civil prison of Port-au-Prince because Enold Florestal complained against the President’s wife, the first Lady, for corruption and misappropriation of public funds, money laundering and usurpation of function. They have been in jail for over ten months. The examining magistrate, Lamarre Bélizaire continues to violate their rights, acting in the name of the president. The two brothers, Enold and Josué Florestal are prisoners of Mr. Joseph Michel Martelly. What Justice are we talking about, Mr. Secretary of State?

The above mentioned facts will help you to understand that those who run Haiti are not democrats. They attack the Press, the Parliament, and everyone who is against the politics of corruption and exclusion adopted by this regime.

I would like to give you some fruit for thought by suggesting that you read the last report of the American State Department issued in March of the current year on Haiti. You will understand that something is not right in the Department that you are running.

To best understand and appreciate the dynamics of this country, I would like to humbly suggest that you hire a trustworthy person in your office, able to tell you the whole truth apart from the American Embassy in Haiti, and apart from those in the state department who are the resonating body of the established power.

It is the only way for you and your administration to regain the trust of the people in Haiti in search of a peaceful and convivial life.


Yours faithfully,


Josué Renaud, MS. MED

President of the New England Human Rights Organization


Cc: Senator  Menendez Robert, President of the Commission of Foreign Affairs

     Representative Ed Royce, President of the Commission of Foreign Affairs



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